Training the African way

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Training the African way

There is no doubt that fitness is sport No. 1 in the World. According the statistics today more than three hundred million people attending fitness gyms are connected with regular fitness physical exercises. We do not mean formal popularity. In case of this ancient fights of gladiators should be counted as the most popular kind of sport: many thousands of people gathered to see the streaming human blood of slaves. And during the fights they calmly had their bread and vine at the same time. No, we mean real physical activities of the real number of people training regularly in fitness gyms.

Esthetic symmetric body with “clever” muscular size. Muscles must not be of the extreme size. People attend gyms to be fit and sane, not to become “monsters”. Although it is always interesting to see the possibilities of our body to be transformed to the extreme, but we did not came from the Moon and we are human beings! In general fitness exercises are the straight way to total fitness and extreme muscles are only as an experiment with few human bodies only, not more.

Team Bodyflex gym

A relaxed fitness instructor.

Lukwago Charles

Age can never be an obstacle to your fitness goals.

Always work out to keep fit and health.

Today fitness became a part of every day’s life for millions of people world wide and nearly of all well known stars of Show Business and Cinema Actors.

Working out the African way

We are used to such flywheels because they are what we can afford.

Meshack Priest Ochieng

Kalyango Zubael

Fit and health bodybuilders

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Today there is no any kind of sport which can survive without hard work in a fitness gym.